Photo of Duke Danquah working in his office.
Duke Danquah working in his office.


Staff members requiring assistance or advice should submit an online form using the OSLA case management application OSLAW.

To do so please go to website:, create an account and submit your request for assistance.

A User Manual is available to guide you through the steps.

If you need technical assistance please contact

This is the contact information for the main OSLA Office in New York. If you're contacting OSLA about an urgent matter, then you should telephone, in addition to submitting the online request. Please note that OSLA receives several thousand queries from UN staff members worldwide annually and we do our best to respond in a timely manner. Staff members are responsible for meeting all filing deadlines.

Office of Staff Legal Assistance
2 United Nations Plaza,
Room DC2-0650
New York, NY 10017, USA
Telephone: +1 212-963-3957


OSLA relies on those staff members requesting assistance to cooperate in gathering and compiling relevant information, documentation and evidence which may be used to assess and develop their case. To facilitate our understanding of a case, and before OSLA can assess if and how we may assist, the following should be submitted along with the above three forms:

  • Copy of latest contract or personnel action form
  • Information concerning any contact with the Management Evaluation Unit, Ombudsman, Ethics Office, Staff Union, etc., including any attempts at informal resolution of a matter involving dissatisfaction with an administrative decision

The most essential relevant documentation either received or submitted in relation to the case should be provided, for example:

  • Any administrative decision to be contested, indicating the date of receipt
  • Written communications or submissions in relation to the matter
  • Any relevant evidence


If the matter is disciplinary in nature, the following documentation and information should be provided:

  • The allegations of misconduct received, with all attachments including investigation reports and annexes
  • A draft response to those allegations
  • Any other submissions or correspondence in relation to the allegations, such as requests to comment on investigation report and staff member’s responses


OSLA New York will review your documentation and will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Requests for assistance must be made only to the OSLA New York Office. Individual OSLA legal officers in duty stations away from New York are not authorized to accept cases directly on behalf of OSLA, although they may be available for informal inquiries or to offer summary advice.