In 2017, OSLA received approximately 2700 Requests for Assistance from United Nations staff around the world. The following testimonials were received from staff members in various locations who were helped by OSLA. Their workplace location is listed.

Photo of UN Staff Members at town hall meeting in New York.
UN Staff Members attending town hall meeting held by Secretary-General António Guterres in January 2018 at UN Headquarters in New York. UN Photo/Mark Garten


“When all my hopes were fading down and there was no shoulder to cry on, OSLA’s help came no less than a divine intervention. The professionalism, dedication and commitment with which the OSLA lawyer contested my case, was exemplary and perhaps I would never have received such a service, had I even spent huge sums of money, instructing a private counsel”


“Discovering that "staff assistance" is truly what OSLA provides was an enormous relief to me listening to my case with caring and respect and getting me to put it in writing really helped me to understand even better that what happened to me was morally and ethically wrong. With assistance and guidance from OSLA, I was able to obtain a satisfactory resolution in my case even though my confidence in the organization was permanently destroyed. I urge other colleagues not to hesitate to avail of the services OSLA provides.”

“I never knew OSLA till the day I needed a legal assistance, I approached OSLA, they were extremely helpful and supportive towards my work-related dispute. In fact because of OSLA I retrieved the trust in the UN system. OSLA's legal officer…who was assigned for my case; taught me lesson in professionalism, integrity, commitment and respect. I will always say that approaching OSLA was one of the best decision I have ever made in my life.”


“Dealing with a very difficult situation, I wish I had contacted OSLA much earlier. The legal counsel working on my case helped me not only win, but also retrieve my dignity and self-confidence, as a professional and as a person. Even if the outcome had been different, I would have been just as grateful for OSLA guidance and support. In a different setting, in the ‘outside world’, I could never have afforded a lawyer of my OSLA legal counsel’s caliber!”


"I always wondered about the OSLA services and whether, as a staff member, I would walk through the doors and find a dedicated, compassionate and professional legal counsel. I found that in [my OSLA legal officer]. OSLA is very much a vital part of the UN System and a critical medium for staff to solicit counselling in a safe and confidential manner".

"…the Legal [Officer] available did his due diligence and advise wisely on each and every step of the way till an amicable solution that was satisfactory to me was found. I must laud the exemplary wise and professional counsel I received all step of the way in which at any given time, it was evident that my interest as his client was at the deepest part of his conscience at any given time of engagement between the management and myself.”

“I was sceptical since I figured these are guys in the system, there's no way they'll do anything to jeopardise the organisation. I then got to meet [my OSLA Legal Officer] and my whole perception changed. He was welcoming. He listened. He took notes. He was interested in what I was saying and at the end of our first meeting, he advised me accordingly. [My Legal Officer] went out of his way to fight my case and he went over and beyond in terms of how he handled me and my colleagues. He would even work weekends. Who does that?! He really amazed me. I felt like we were in this together and at the end we won the case...”


“Having been wrongly charged with engagement with outside affiliation but sadly with no support from my own organization. OSLA came through with the most professional and compassionate advice that was timely and reflected my side of the story leading to my organization rethinking their charges.”


"I am extremely pleased with OSLA service. All my questions and concerns were answered in a timely manner and I was briefed on each and every step throughout the process. We, as UN staff, are privileged to have OSLA. I encourage all colleagues to approach OSLA and if you are not voluntary contributing, please consider doing so."


“OSLA has been real and effective for me. With their professional and thorough support, I have been able to satisfactorily settle a contentious issue requiring arduous negotiations with the Organization. They have shown to me that their office is sincerely acting independently in the best interest of staff members. I can only recommend their legal assistance.”


“I was highly impressed with my OSLA attorney’s expertise, client relations, communications, and professionalism all around. My OSLA attorney's factual/legal analysis was spot on, and the foundation of reliable, realistic and timely advice she provided me. She gave me confidence to choose among the practical options she offered. She saved me, and others involved, valuable time and resources, I'm sure of it. My OSLA attorney is a tremendous asset not only to the staff members whom she represents with undivided loyalty, but to the integrity of the UN justice system as a whole.”


“OSLA provided me with excellent service- they helped solve a routine HR-finance question in a way that de-escalated a potentially tense situation and resulted in my receiving a number of benefits I would not have otherwise been able to access. They were quick, responsive and re-assuring and at all times professional. I remain very very grateful!”


“The Legal Officer who assisted me was exceptionally knowledgeable, dedicated and compassionate. The written responses he submitted to my employer were of the highest quality and always within deadline, even with very short notice. Overall, OSLA's advice was instrumental to both understanding and successfully asserting my rights in the matter. I strongly recommend OSLA to UN any staff member involved in an employment dispute, as well as to any UN staff who may be uncertain as to their rights in the UN system.”

“Last year I and other colleagues … have filed a quite a complex case to the UNDT and we have been supported by an OSLA lawyer. We have won the case thanks to this particular and dedicated assistance…Certainly his careful study of the case and his presentation and committed participation during the hearing has contributed to the positive outcome of the case. I would like to thank him and OSLA for this positive contribution to the cause of justice in the UN system.”


“I found the OSLA service very easy to access with a straight forward form. I was contacted by a lawyer, who was able to quickly get to grips with the essential issues of the case. I felt well prepared for the consequences of pursuing action. The support I received helped me to prepare for the hearing. I found going through the process was very therapeutic and I was pleased that the judgement was in my favour.”


“[The OSLA Legal Officer’s] ability to handle the emotional part with tact and discretion, while managing to show me the legal perspective and objectives of the case, was extraordinary. [He] guided me through procedures in a highly professional, collegial and most importantly, dignified manner…He gave me no false expectations, but instead he always handled my case properly and treated me with the utmost respect and dignity. Throughout the process I was convinced that despite the outcome, I was very well represented.”


“Professional: This was my first interaction with a court and I may not be in the best position to evaluate the professionalism, but I was really impressed by the methodic, knowledge based, hard working, unemotional, human, and even pedagogic approach of OSLA. Client Oriented: It’s awkward to imagine that a lawyer is paid by an organisation to end up in court against the same organisation. Chapeau to the UN for that. But also chapeau to OSLA lawyers who are concerned mainly about their clients rights!”