New Developments - New Information Products on Business Opportunities/ Registration

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The UN Procurement Division (UN/PD)In Picture: L-R: Anthony Parkes, Director, WCF; Niels Ramm: UNGM Project Manager, UNOPS; Lisa Fraser, Member States Liaison Officer for Business Seminars, UN/PD; Rona Yircali, Chairperson, ICC/WCF; Paul Buades, Director, UN/PD; Giorgio Fraternale: Deputy Director & Head, Procurement & Contracts Division, WIPO; Kiyohiro Mitsui, Chief, Integrated Support Service, UN/PD; Susan Struck, HLCM Procurement Network Secretariat, UNDP Procurement Support Office. is pleased to offer to the world vendor community and particularly vendors from countries classified as developing or with economies in transition a new set of informational products. Many of these new products are the culmination of a new formalized cooperation partnership between the United Nations and the International Chamber of Commerce World Chamber Federation (ICC WCF). The latter will use these products and other informational tools in outreach activities to educate the world vendor community on doing business with the United Nations.

  • press release announcing the signing of the cooperation agreement between the UN-ICC/WCF and June 4 press release on the signature of the above UN-ICC WCF Cooperation Agreement
  • A copy of the Cooperation Agreement between UN Secretariat Procurement and the ICC WCF on outreach and education activities (The agreement will be posted to the site upon signing on 4 Jun 2009)
  • Photos from ICC/WCF 6th World Chambers Conference. On 4 June 2009, the United Nations Secretariat signed a key cooperation agreement with the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) World Chambers Federation (WCF) at the 6th World Chambers Congress. Please click on link to go to photos of the signing and the UN Procurement Opportunities presentation which took place on the opening day of the three day Congress
  • A video on UN Secretariat Procurement activities
  • A brochure on Doing Business with the UN Procurement System and Secretariat
  • An article on doing business with the UN Secretariat Procurement
  • An FAQ on UN Secretariat Procurement Registration Process

An audio slideshow providing an overview on the various aspects of doing business with the United Nations Procurement System is being produced and will also be available soon on this new web page.