Thursday, 14 February 2013


The United Nations Secretariat - Procurement Division (UNPD) is aware that fraudulent emails are being distributed purporting to be from UNPD or the United Nations (UN), using the UN emblem, logo, initials and signatures from UN senior officials.

E-mail fraud, commonly referred to as “phishing,” is the use of e-mail and fraudulent Web sites to trick recipients into disclosing financial information such as your company’s financial statements and website information (such as United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM – log-in name and password).

It has been noted that fraudulent emails will likely use public websites, such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail accounts (e.g.,,,,

Also, fraudulent emails will often ask for payment of fees or transfers of money to a designated bank account. Some may threaten your registration status, or threaten to blacklist your company if you fail to do so immediately.

Please note that the UN DOES NOT CHARGE ANY FEE DURING ANY STAGE OF THE PROCUREMENT PROCESS. Do not send money to any account or communicate to anyone. Any information related to your UNGM account should only be provided through the UNGM website.

Please do not hesitate to contact UNPD at or UNGM at if you have reason to be suspect that any activity purporting to be made on behalf UNPD, may be fraudulent.

22 January 2010