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Memorial Service for
(23 March 25 - 2 January 17)
will be held in
St. Patrick Cathedral
on 5th Av

on 23 March 17 at 10:00 a.m.
followed by a reception at the Harvard Club

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Under the UNJSPF Pension Adjustment System, for monthly pensions on the US dollar track there will be a cost-of-living (CPI) increase of 3.6%, effective 1 April 2017; this increase will be reflected in the  monthly benefit paid by the Pension Fund at the end of April 2017. (For recent retirees, the CPI increase will be pro-rated, based on the starting date for the UNJSPF pension entitlement.)

Any CPI increase of UNJSPF pensions requires inflation of at least 2%, measured from the date of the last such adjustment; that had been April 2014 for the US dollar track. For those whose pensions are payable on the local track under the two-track UNJSPF Pension Adjustment System, a possible CPI increase in April 2017 will depend on the official CPI data for their respective countries of residence.

John Dietz, President

AFICS/NY Annual Assembly: (documents + complete webcast)

Summary of 11 April 2016 presentation on ESTATE PLANNING, including Table of Estate Tax and Gift Tax Implications (corrected to include page 7).

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2015-2016 version available

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John Dietz
Notes from the new President


The Association of Former International Civil Servants in New York (AFICS/NY) was established at United Nations Headquarters in New York in 1970.

The mission of AFICS/NY is to support and promote the purposes principles and programmes of the United Nations organizations; to advise and assist former international civil servants and those about to separate from service; to represent the interests of its members within the system; to foster social and personal relationships among members, to promote their well being and to encourage mutual support of individual members. For membership eligibility click on By-Laws.

Membership Application Form (MS-Word)

On the proposal of the Governing Board, honorary membership of the Association may be granted, by the Assembly, to individuals who have rendered meritorious service to the Association or to the United Nations system.

A member may resign from the Association effective at the end of a calendar year by submitting a written communication to that effect.

FAFICS is a Federation of 59 member Associations of Former International Civil Servants of organizations and agencies of the United Nations system located in all regions of the world. The Federation was established in 1975 and has
                        offices at the UN Headquarters in Geneva and
                        New York.
15 March 2017
Dear Colleagues,

For the past several years FAFICS representatives have been actively participating in the Working Group on ASHI established by the Chief Executive Board for Coordination (CEB) and its subsidiary bodies.

Last week the Fifth Committee resumed its deliberations under agenda item 134, Programme Budget for the Biennium 2016-2017, and took up the report of the Secretary-General, Managing after-service health insurance (A/71/696 and Corr.1) together with the related note (A/71/815) by the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ).

We are pleased to inform you that for the second consecutive year FAFICS requested and was granted access by the Fifth Committee to present its views. This was a significant milestone in that heretofore retirees have had not previously had a voice in the Fifth Committee.

Attached, please find the statements by FAFICS delivered on 9 March 2017, along with those of the G-77 with China and the European Union.

We will provide you with an update when the Fifth Committee has concluded on this item.
Linda Saputelli
President FAFICS
                         FAFICS Statement
                         EU Statement
                         G77 and China Statement