Draft reports of the Committee of the 54th session

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Item 3
Programme questions

Programme performance of the United Nations for the biennium 2012-2013


Programme questions: programme performance of the United Nations for the biennium 2012-2013

Programme planning: Proposed strategic framework for the period 2016-2017


Part one: plan outline (General Assembly resolutions 59/275, 62/224 and 67/236)
    Part two: biennial programme plan
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.30 Programme 1: General Assembly and Economic and Social Council Affairs and conference services
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.13 Programme 2: Political affairs
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.33 Programme 3: Disarmament
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.18 Programme 4: Peacekeeping operations
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.9 Programme 5: Peaceful uses of outer space
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.19 Programme 6: Legal affairs
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.10 Programme 7: Economic and social affairs
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.15 Programme 8: Least developed countries, landlocked developing countries and small island developing States
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.5 Programme 9: United Nations support for the New Partnership for Africa's Development
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.28 Programme 10: Trade and development
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.26 Programme 11: Environment
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.17 Programme 12: Human settlements
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.25 Programme 13: International drug control, crime and terrorism prevention and criminal justice
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.20 Programme 14: Gender equality and empowerment of women
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.2 Programme 15: Economic and social development in Africa
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.12 Programme 16: Economic and social development in Asia and the Pacific
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.24 Programme 17: Economic development in Europe
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.8 Programme 18: Economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.7 Programme 19: Economic and social development in Western Asia
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.22 Programme 20: Human rights
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.14 Programme 21: International protection, durable solutions and assistance to refugees
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.16 Programme 22: Palestine refugees
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.11 Programme 23: Humanitarian assistance
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.23 Programme 24: Public information
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.32 Programme 25: Management and support services
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.27 Programme 26: Internal Oversight
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.21 Programme 27: Jointly financed activities
  E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.4 Programme 28: Safety and security
(c) Evaluation
E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.6 Report of the Office of Internal Oversight Services on the triennial review of the implementation of recommendations made by the Committee for Programme and Coordination at its forty-ninth session on the programme evaluation of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Item 4
Coordination questions
(a) Report of the United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination
E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.29 Annual overview report of the United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination for 2013
(b) New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD)
E/AC.51/2014/L.4/Add.3 Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations system support for the New Partnership for Africa's Development

Abbreviations: CEB, United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination; CPCS, CPC Secretariat; DGACM, Department for General Assembly and Conference Management; DM, Department of Management; DM/OUSG, Office of the Under-Secretary-General of the Department of Management; JIU, Joint Inspection Unit; OIOS, Office of Internal Oversight Services; OPPBA, Office of Programme Planning, Budget and Accounts; OSAA, Office of the Special Adviser on Africa.


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