Israel’s selling of Palestinian refugees’ property – UNCCP – Arab Delegations letter to the Commission


Letter dated 1 July 1953 addressed to the Chairman

of the Conciliation Commission for Palestine of the

Permanent Representatives to the United Nations of

Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon Saudi Arabia and Yemen


We with to refer to our letter dated March 23, 1953, addressed to the Secretary-General concerning the action of Israel of selling private property belonging to Arab Refugees in Palestine, with which a Memorandum was attached under the same date and addressed to the Chairman of the Conciliation Commission. We have been grieved not to receive so far from the Commission any information as to what action they have taken in this respect. We must emphasize that this question is regarded by our respective governments as extremely important and of utmost urgency to all concerned. Not only the principle is in jeopardy, but the fact that Israel continues to sell private property not belonging to it, may lead to the most serious detriment of the interest of Arab refugees. So far, we are not aware that Israel had desisted from such action nor have assurances from Israel been secured by the Commission towards this end.

May we respectfully remind you, therefore, of this urgency and request that the Commission may give this problem its immediate attention.

We would like to take this opportunity, Sir, to express to you the assurances of our highest consideration and esteem.

(Signed) Aly Kamel Fahmy

Charge d’Affaires

Permanent Delegation of Egypt

to the United Nations

(Signed) Awni Khalidy

Acting Permanent Representative

of Iraq to the United Nations

(Signed) Edward A. Rizk

Acting Permanent Representative of

Lebanon to the United Nations

(Signed) Sheikh Asad Al-Faqih

Permanent Representative of

Saudi Arabia to the United Nations

(Signed) Rafik Asha

Permanent Representative of Syria

to the United Nations

(Signed) Sayed Adburrahman

Aboulsamad Aboul-Taleb

Permanent Representative of

Yemen to the United Nations

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