Syria’s reply to Commission’s letter re Arab States draft declaration – UNCCP – Letter


Letter dated 15 October 1951

addressed to the Chairman of the Conciliation Commission
by the Chairman of the  Delegation of Syria


I have the honour to acknowledge receipt of the letter of Your Excellency dated 6 October 1951 concerning the draft declaration submitted on 3 October 1951 to the Conciliation Commission by the delegations of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

I have noted the statements contained in that letter, according to which “the Commission considers that the parties, by offering these formulations, have contributed to the creation of a favourable atmosphere for the present discussion” and “in the opinion of the Commission, these formulations constitute a basis for the examination of its comprehensive pattern of proposals”.

I wish to inform you that my delegation is ready to pursue its collaboration in the task already undertaken by the Commission and I beg Your Excellency to accept the assurances of my high consideration .

(signed) A. Atassi


of the Delegation of Syria

to the Conciliation Commission for Palestine

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