UNCCP Chaairman writes announcing termination of 10/8/51 conference – UNCCP – letter to Arab delegations


Letter dated 19 November 1951

addressed by the Chairman of the Conciliation Commission

to the delegations of Egypt,  Jordan, Lebanon and Syria

and to the delegation of Israel


On 14 November 1951, the Conciliation Commission for Palestine met with the delegation of Israel and with the delegations of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria to hear their comments on the comprehensive pattern of proposals which the Commission had put forward, to be discussed with the parties in a fair and realistic spirit of give-and-take. The summary records** of the meetings in which the delegations’ comments were presented are annexed to this letter.

After careful consideration of the comments presented by the parties on 14 November, and in the light of its prior discussions with the parties in Paris, the Commission is forced to conclude that it has been unsuccessful in its endeavours, since neither party indicated a willingness substantially to recede from their rigid positions and to seek a solution through mediation along the lines spelled out in the Commission’s pattern of proposals.

In view of the attitudes taken by the parties, the Commission has, therefore, regretfully decided to terminate the conference to which it invited the parties on 10 August 1951.

As indicated in the invitations sent out on that date, the Commission will report fully to the General Assembly, through the Secretary-General of the United Nations, on the developments of the conference and the conclusions drawn by the Commission from those developments.

Please accept, Sir, the renewed assurances of my high consideration.

(signed) Ely E. Palmer


*Issued also as IS/78

**SR/PM/11 and SR/PM/12 Annexed to original letter only

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