Summary of remarks to the press

by Javier SOLANA,

EU High Representative for the CFSP,

Amman, Jordan, 21 January 2007

The following is an edited summary of remarks by Mr Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), at a press conference following his meetings in Amman with HM King Abdullah II and Foreign Minister Abdelelah Al Khatib. at which he discussed the prospects for re-launching the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. Mr Solana visited Jordan on the last day of his tour of the Middle-East that also included stops in Egypt, Israel, the Palestinian Territories.

"Judging by the very constructive talks I have had here in Amman, following discussions with other players in the region, I think the political will is there for moving the peace process.

The political will is being constructed, as I observed when I was in the United States recently. It's been too long in which the suffering of people has been very deep. The moment, we think, has arrived to change the approach.

We think there is an opportunity now, an opportunity that should not be let go to open the political process that should end with the resolution of the conflict.

The approach to the Middle East conflict should now move from a mood of crisis management to a kind of solution.

The EU and regional governments support a final status solution between Israel and the Palestinians."

Mr Solana also told reporters of his tour, the previous day, of towns in the West Bank, to the east of Jerusalem:

"I had the opportunity to make a tour along the eastern part of Jerusalem and to go to Abu Dis and its surroundings. You get really very shocked every time you go and you see the situation worse, the wall is more extended and settlements are more extended."


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Publication Date: 21/01/2007