Protection of civilians – OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes – OPT (4-10 Oct. 2006)

Of note this week

 Nine Palestinians were killed throughout the oPt. 21 Palestinians, two Israelis and two internationals were injured.

– PA employees, including teachers and health care workers, continued a general open ended strike in protest against the non-payment of their monthly salaries since March 2006. The strike is being imposed more comprehensively in the West Bank than in the Gaza Strip.

– The strike continues to affect the health sector; the majority of hospitals in the West Bank have stopped most of their medical interventions.

In the Gaza Strip:

IDF soldiers conducted nine operations into various locations in the Gaza Strip. IDF soldiers remain present inside the Gaza Strip around the airport, east of Rafah.

– At least six homemade rockets were fired by Palestinian militants from inside the Gaza Strip towards targets inside Israel. This week, more than 35 artillery shells were fired by the IDF, mainly into northern Gaza. The IAF conducted 5 air strikes – in one incident a Palestinian house was attacked after receiving such a call.

– Palestinian on Palestinian violence continued in the Gaza Strip leaving five Palestinians dead and 33 injured.

– Shortages of electricity in the Gaza Strip following the IAF bombing the electricity plant in the Gaza has affected services – hospitals, water and sewage pumps. Electricity continues to enter the Gaza Strip from Israel and has been rationed. On 4 October, two transformers were allowed through Kerem Shalom crossing into the Gaza Strip.

In the West Bank:

Four unknown masked gunmen hijacked a vehicle rented by an Italian NGO (COOPI) in Deir Al Ghusun village (Tulkarm) after they forced the staff out of the vehicle.

– 134 flying checkpoints were reported by OCHA field staff. 149 IDF search and arrest campaigns were conducted by the IDF.  94 Palestinians were arrested.

– Israeli settlers entered An Nabi Younis Mosque in Halhul (Hebron), where they performed prayers and rituals under protection of IDF soldiers. The IDF denied Palestinians access to the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron. The mosque was open only for Jews celebrating Sukkot.

– Israeli Border Police at the Gilo checkpoint (Bethlehem) used sound bombs and tear gas to control Palestinians going to East Jerusalem to attend Friday Prayers at Al Aqsa Mosque.

– A general strike was announced in Ramallah and Jericho in protest against the internal fighting between Palestinian militant groups in the Gaza Strip one week ago.



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