EU Foreign Ministers support the new

Palestinian government of national unity


Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja called the new Palestinian government of national unity as an "important glimmer of hope" in the Middle East peace process. "This creates a new situation and we expect the new government to be committed to all agreements and commitments of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO)", Tuomioja said at the EU General Affairs and External Relations Council's press conference on Friday, 15 September 2006. Iran and Middle East peace process were at the top of the agenda as the foreign ministers gathered in Brussels for their monthly meeting.

EU wants the new Palestinian government to meet all requirements of the international community. "EU is unanimous and clear with its' position. However, we have to remember that the new government is not yet completed", Tuomioja said. Minister Tuomioja also told EU to be concerned about the economic and humanitarian issues in the region.

EU foreign ministers were briefed by EU's High Representative for common foreign and security policy, Mr. Javier Solana, on the latest status of nuclear talks with Iran. Solana has had various meetings with Iranian negotiator Ali Larijani. "We gave our full support for Solana and his efforts on finding a diplomatic solution for Iran's nuclear ambitions", Tuomioja said. "We are making progress, there are still many items to be discussed, but the atmosphere is good and we don't want to lose the momentum" Solana told.

Next week EU foreign ministers will have a large number of meetings with different parties at the UN General Assembly in New York. "We have heavy work in front of us next week, today's council meeting was a good chance to prepare common positions", Solana said.

Document Type: Press Release
Document Sources: European Union (EU)
Country: Finland
Subject: Peace process, Self-government area/developments
Publication Date: 18/09/2006