Remarks by Catherine Ashton with UNRWA Commissioner,

General Filippo Grandi, at Rimal Boys' Elementary School

Can I first of all say it is World Refugee Day and I chose to be here on this day.

I chose to be here to underline the situation in Gaza, and to say that we support the work of UNRWA and want to see a future for the people of Gaza.

I've been here several times and I know that it's not enough just to come and spend a little time here. You get lots of visitors in Gaza, but what really matters is what impact we have.

I want to share with you our commitment to saying that we want to see the crossings open, and the economic situation improved. And the children who are having such a good time at summer school, having a real future.

I want to thank Filippo Grandi and UNRWA for all the work they do. Without them, the situation would be much worse. And I commit that we will continue to be the strongest supporter, that we will give the financial support that is needed, but also the political support.

And as I began, I'm really honoured to be in Gaza today. Thank you