Sweden announces contribution of SEK 40 million to PA’s salaries and pensions through PEGASE mechanism – EU press release/Non-UN document

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19 MAY 2015

Sweden announces a contribution of SEK 40 million
to the PA's salaries and pensions through the PEGASE mechanism

The Swedish State Secretary for International Development Cooperation Ulrika Modéer, who is currently visiting Palestine, announced today that the Government of Sweden will be making a contribution to the May salaries and pensions of around 68,500 Palestinian civil servants and pensioners in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the payment of which is currently scheduled to take place in early June. The Swedish contribution will amount to SEK 40 million (c.€4.3 million) and will be channelled through the European Union's PEGASE[1] mechanism.

“The objective of the Swedish contribution announced today is to assist the Palestinian Authority to provide basic service to the Palestinian people at a time when it faces many challenges, particularly in Gaza,” said the Swedish State Secretary for International Development Cooperation Ulrika Modéer.

“The EU remains the most important donor, reliable and predictable partner for the Palestinian people. It is present at all levels of life in the West Bank including East Jerusalem and of course Gaza, from supporting the establishment of the future Palestinian State, building new infrastructure across Palestine to supporting Palestinian civil society. Above all cooperation between the EU and the PA aims to improve the lives of Palestinians and help them move towards viable statehood. “, said the EU Representative Mr. John Gatt-Rutter. “I would like to thank Sweden for its generous contribution through the EU's PEGASE mechanism. This demonstrates once again the fruitful cooperation between the EU and its Member States.”


Most of the European Union’s assistance to the Palestinian Authority is channelled through PEGASE, the financial mechanism launched in 2008 to support the PA Reform and Development Plan (2008-2010) and subsequent Palestinian national plans. As well as helping to meet a substantial proportion of its running costs, European funds support major reform and development programmes in key ministries, to help prepare the PA for statehood. Since February 2008, around €1.8 billion have been disbursed through the PEGASE Direct Financial Support programmes. In addition, the EU has provided assistance to the Palestinian people through UNRWA and a wide range of cooperation projects.

[1]Mécanisme Palestino-Européen de Gestion de l’Aide Socio-Economique (PEGASE)


The Office of the European Union Representative:

Shadi Othman (02 5415 867, 0599 673 958)

Document symbol: PR/11/2015
Document Type: Press Release
Document Sources: European Union (EU), PEGASE
Country: Sweden
Subject: Assistance
Publication Date: 19/05/2015
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