Remarks With British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond After Their Meeting


John Kerry
Secretary of State

Carlton Gardens

London, United Kingdom

September 19, 2014

SECRETARY KERRY: …Let me just say a quick word, if I can, about one other issue of great importance. In the last days, President Obama talked with King Salman of Saudi Arabia regarding the events that have transpired in the Temple Mount, the Haram al-Sharif. And Vice President Biden talked with King Abdullah of Jordan, and I talked directly with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel. And all of us join together in urging everybody to keep the calm, to keep the peace, to adhere to the status quo, which is an understanding of the jurisdiction of King Abdullah in Jordan with respect to access to the Temple Mount and the rules by which everybody will engage and respect for the religious observances and rights with respect to that particular place.

And we hope that in the days ahead, and the conversation I had with the prime minister of Israel, he made it very clear that he is completely supportive of the status quo and deeply committed to preventing the – any kind of incident that will incite. And he and I and others join together with President Obama in calling on everybody else – the Palestinians, Arabs, anybody – that all parties need to refrain from incitement and refrain from engaging in activities that put that relationship at risk.