UNOPS Jerusalem Operations Centre (JMOC)/OPT – Fact sheet

Jerusalem Operations Centre (JMOC) 
JMOC opened in 2006 and operates in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), with projects in Gaza and the West Bank.

Under the local guidance of the Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator of the Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator (UNSCO), JMOC helps global and local partners, including ministries of the Palestinian Authority (PA), design and implement projects that respond to the needs of local people.

JMOC assists clients in the following key sectors:

Project management

JMOC delivers client projects efficiently, accountably and transparently. To guarantee proper ownership and accreditation, projects bear only the name of funding partners and clients.

JMOC project managers are field experts with years of implementation experience in conflict-affected, natural disaster and humanitarian crisis environments. Using internationally recognized methods and procedures, JMOC technical and project management specialists work closely with clients to identify and meet their needs.


JMOC offers a global network of suppliers and specialized expertise in local procurement and governance-related goods and technologies. On behalf of five donors JMOC has procured vehicles and security equipment for border crossing and project use, as well as IT and communications equipment for the European Union Coordination Office for the Palestinian Police Support (EUCOPPS) programme. In 2007 JMOC procured goods for the PA worth more than $1 million.


At the request of the PA, JMOC has implemented two major, rule of law projects that underpin the success of other critical programmes. JMOC work in this context includes:

  • Training and developing the capacity of specialized, commercial crossing security units, thereby ensuring the safe and efficient movement of goods
  • Assisting with the construction of training colleges to improve safety and security and foster confidence in government institutions
  • Facilitating procurement of critical supplies, including life-support, vehicles and security equipment

Serving in a variety of technical and support roles, JMOC helps its clients and partners strengthen PA institutions. It also joins and leads workgroups designed to coordinate PA institutions and develop their capacities.

Working with the Government of Norway, JMOC has completed the first phase of a technical, security, infrastructure and procedural master plan for the new Karni Crossing, which facilitates movement of imports and exports critical to the economic recovery of Gaza. Intended to upgrade the facility to enable 24-hour access and maximum cargo flow, the master plan will ultimately accommodate passage of up to 1,200 trucks per day.

JMOC partnered with the Government of the Netherlands to train a team to secure the operations of the Karni Crossing project. As a result the Karni Crossing was open more than 85 per cent of its scheduled time during the latter half of 2007, compared to 20 per cent earlier in the year. Imports increased 25 per cent and exports 35 per cent due to increased confidence and more efficient checking systems.

Document Type: Factsheet
Document Sources: United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)
Subject: Access and movement, Assistance, Legal issues, Security issues
Publication Date: 02/01/2008
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