Protection of civilians – Summary OPT data tables (June 2007) – OCHA report

OCHA-oPt Protection of


Summary data tables

Reports to the end of June 2007

1. Overview

The Protection of Civilians database contains information collated from the published OCHA Protection of Civilians – Weekly Briefing Notes. OCHA-oPt has compiled and published these weekly reports since May 2003. The reporting format underwent several revisions since this time and the current content and structure was introduced in March 2005. From this time there has been comprehensive and detailed reporting of individual incidents, particularly those concerning physical protection. Quantifiable data from the Weekly Briefing Notes from 1st January 2005 onwards have been compiled into a Protection of Civilians database from which these tables have been developed. They present information, reported on a daily or weekly basis, as monthly figures with geographical breakdowns to the governorate level.


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