2015 Humanitarian Response Plan for OPT: end of year monitoring update – OCHA update

2015 Humanitarian Response Plan

end of year monitoring update


The major drivers of humanitarian vulnerability in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) remained unchanged in 2015. The situation was characterized by a protracted occupation, now approaching its 50th year, the systematic denial of Palestinian rights, and continuing conflict, punctuated by frequent outbreaks of violence. OPt-wide, high food insecurity (27 per cent), poverty (25 per cent), and labour force unemployment rates (25 per cent) indicate the fragility of the economic situation. An estimated 2.3 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in the oPt, including 1.2 million refugees mostly in the Gaza Strip, and Area C and East Jerusalem of the West Bank. Overall, the context remains that of a protracted protection crisis driven by lack of respect for international law, and a lack of accountability for violations.


1. Enhance protection by promoting respect for IHL and IHRL, pursuing accountability, and preventing and mitigating the impact of violations.

2. Respond to immediate needs following shocks and increase the resilience of those at risk of forcible displacement.

3. Respond to food insecurity and promote resilient livelihoods.

4. Ensure people in areas with limited services and restricted access have access to essential services.

5. Enhance the capacity of national stakeholders to provide timely coordination of, and effective preparedness for, response to emergencies.

6. Ensure transitional solutions for IDPs and those vulnerable to (re-) displacement in Gaza, working towards a durable solution.

2015 funding analysis

Overall, funding has been good, with a more even distribution of funding across clusters than in recent years. Despite funding gaps, clusters were able to reach many of those targeted however, in most cases this has been with fewer types of interventions than planned.


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