Water Insecurity in Gaza Strip: Adaptation strategies of farmers and households – Government of Germany study/Non-UN document


For decades, the people in Gaza have been facing socio-economic challenges as well as man-made and natural hazards. The population is at a critical turning point in their supply of water. Detriorating availability (quantity) as well as quality of water has resulted in severe water insecurity.

Gaza's population has been suffering severe and exponentially deteriorating water insecurity. Gaza is highly dependent on the coastal aquifer as its sole source of fresh water. The water level of the aquifer has rapidly declined. One of the causes is a lack of adequate water management policies. In addition, high demands for water by farmers and households led to a rapid decline of groundwater levels.

Consequently, the water quality has been affected by saline seawater. Seawater continues to intrude the coastal aquifer. Inadequate human waste management policies and an excessive use of fertilisers results in high nitrate contamination of ground water.

It is critical to understand the adaptation strategies adopted by farmers and households in order to mitigate the effects of water insecurity. Many of the actions taken by families, business owners and farmers are no longer sufficient. As part of this research, a public survey (random selection), five focus group discussions with farmers from all five govemates of Gaza, as well as twelve key informant interviews with specialists were conducted. Results of the research show that there is a growing need for local government and international support to ensure sufficient quality and quantity of water, to safeguard life in dignity.

The research is vital as it portrays an in-depth understanding of water insecurity in Gaza. Its outcomes will inform academia, development workers and policy makers to more effectively support farmers and households in adapting to challenges in their water supply and management.

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Document Type: Report, Study
Country: Germany
Subject: Agriculture, Assistance, Economic issues, Environmental issues, Gaza Strip, Health, Living conditions, Water
Publication Date: 25/04/2016
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