Brussels, 15 August 2014



by  EU High Representative Catherine Ashton following
the extraordinary Foreign Affairs Council, Brussels,

15 August 2014

"Thanks everyone.

I'm just going to make a few comments about the Foreign Affairs Council which has now concluded.

Discussions, which I indicated when I arrived, have been extremely detailed on a number of subjects.


We talked too about the situation in Gaza and our deep concern again for the humanitarian situation, and our willingness to support the long term solution, the political solution that leads to two states. You know very well the position of the European Union on all these issues. But I asked for the mandate from the Council to be able to do more work in discussions with the Palestinian Authority, with Israel, with Egypt, with Jordan and with all the countries most concerned. For the EU to play a strong role, particularly at the crossing, particularly with being able to ensure support to the people of Gaza, and that the security of Israel is assured, and to do the things we've been talking about for a number of years in my visits to Gaza, about trying to help support longer term strategic thinking for Gaza that includes as well trade and development.