Protection of civilians – OCHA Weekly report – OPT (18-24 April 2007)

Of note this week

West Bank:

– Eight Palestinians were killed in the West Bank by the IDF, five on the same day in Jenin. A 17 year-old girl was killed when the IDF surrounded her family's house in Jenin camp to reportedly arrest her brother, a 22 year-old man was shot dead in Kafr Dan village by an IDF sniper and three Palestinian men were killed by an IDF undercover unit that opened fire at their vehicle in Jenin city.

– The approximately 100 Palestinian residents of Al Hadidiyya in the northern Jordan Valley were evicted from the area this week following a November 2006 Israeli High Court decision that found that the community were a threat to the safety of the nearby Roi settlement. The Palestinians have moved their structures and animals to a nearby area.

– The IDF closed all entrances of Palestinian villages near the evacuated Khomesh settlement with flying checkpoints and prevented the movement of Palestinians in the area when Israeli settlers marched to the settlement to mark Israeli Independence Day. Palestinians workers and traders with valid permits were also unable to enter East Jerusalem and Israel between 22 and 24 April (three days) due to a comprehensive closure imposed for the holiday.

– The strike of PA health care workers continues throughout the West Bank for over two months (since 16 February 2007). Continued industrial action amongst PA teachers also was reported this week (approximately 90% of PA teachers in the northern West Bank held a three -day strike, PA teachers in the Ramallah governorate only taught 12th grade classes and 75% of PA teachers in Hebron and Bethlehem held a one day strike).

Gaza Strip

– During the week, a total of 30 homemade (Qassams) rockets, 22 on a single day, and 16 mortar shells were fired towards southern Israel. This compares to three rockets in the previous week. No injuries were reported.

– A Palestinian civilian was killed when an IAF helicopter fired a rocket targeting a vehicle in the northern Gaza Strip. While in two separate incidents IDF vessels opened fire in the direction of Palestinian fishing boats off the coast of the Gaza Strip.

– Four Palestinians were killed, including two children, and 28 injured during internal violence (armed family feuds, honour related crimes, limited inter-factional violence and reckless use of weapons and explosives) in the Gaza Strip.

– The BBC's Gaza correspondent, Alan Johnston, has been missing for more than six weeks after being apparently abducted on 12 March 2007. His whereabouts remain unknown and there are serious concerns for his welfare and safety.


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