FAO’s role in 2014 Gaza Crisis Appeal – FAO appeal

FAO’s role in the 2014 Gaza Crisis Appeal (September)


Everyone in the Gaza Strip – nearly 1.8 million people – was affected by the recent escalation in conflict and needs humanitarian aid. This is the third such conflict in six years and by far the most destructive. Between 7 July and 26 August, more than 2 100 Palestinians died (70 percent of them civilians) and 500 000 were displaced, including over 100 000 who lost their homes.

Virtually all of Gaza is without adequate services such as clean water, health care and electricity. The Gaza Crisis Appeal, updated on 5 September, seeks over USD 551 million to respond to the immediate needs of all men, women and children in Gaza. Restoring agricultural livelihoods is among the top priorities.

FAO’s role in the Gaza Crisis Appeal

FAO seeks USD 27.2 million to help over 14 360 families of farmers, fishers and herders minimize the deterioration of their productive assets and restore their livelihoods.

FAO’s support will focus on vulnerable families that had low resilience to external shocks prior to the conflict and rebuilding livelihoods to better withstand political, natural, environmental and economic threats in the future. These efforts are part of the response of the Food Security Sector, co-led by FAO and WFP, which seeks a total of USD 268.2 million.

FAO’s role in the 2014 Gaza Crisis Appeal (September)


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