Over 73,000 Palestinians receive social allowance from EU through Temporary International Mechanism – European Commission press release/Non-UN document

Over 73,000 Palestinians receive a social allowance from the European Union through the Temporary International Mechanism

The European Commission, through the Temporary International Mechanism, started paying a social allowance to over 73,000 Palestinian households. Vulnerable Palestinians are the beneficiaries. They are particularly affected by the current crisis as they have only limited capacity to earn money. These social hardship cases include female headed poor households, unemployed females, widows, orphans, disabled and handicapped persons, elderly in need, as well as farmers, daily wage earners, and bedouins.

Eligible beneficiaries will receive a social allowance of NIS 1,000 (€185).

For some of the beneficiaries, this is the second payment of a social allowance: 35,047 persons under the Social Hardship Cases programme of the Ministry of Social Affairs received already NIS 1,500 (€270) in September.

Now, the number of beneficiaries has increased to 73,000. It includes more than 37,000 additional beneficiaries. All these beneficiaries live below the poverty line ($2/day), have at least six dependents and/or have been unemployed for over six months.

The European Commission contributes €14.5 million to this support thereby helping the most vulnerable to face urgent needs.

In 2006, the European Union and its Member States disbursed and committed €651 million to the Palestinians. This marks an increase of more than one quarter (27%) compared to 2005.
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