Mideast situation/Admission of Transjordan to UN – SecCo’s Committee on Admission of New Members report (S/133) consideration – Vetoed recommendation – excerpt

26. Report of the Security Council's Committee on Admission of

New Members (document S/133) [continued)


The PRESIDENT: we have under discussion the application for membership of the Hashemite Kingdom of Transjordan.

During this discussion, a somewhat different problem was brought up concerning the interpretation of the abstention of a permanent member from voting and the legal consequences of such abstention.  I think the question is interesting and important.  However, if I may express my views as a President, I think that it might be desirable not to go into the details of this question now unless, by our practical voting, it really comes up as one having a direct practical bearing upon the proceedings of this meeting.

27. General discussion

The next is Transjordan.  In this connection I wanted to make a statement as representative of Poland.  The representative of Poland has asked to postpone consideration of the application for admission of Transjordan for one year until certain questions are settled.  In view of the fact that we had some earlier demands for postponements in a similar spirit which later were not adopted, I do not put my demand for postponement to a vote.  I also want to state that when we vote against the recommendation, all we really want to achieve is a postponement of a question and nothing more.

A vote was taken with the following results.

In favour:   Brazil, China, Egypt, France, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States of America.

Against: Poland, Soviet Union.

Abstention: Australia

The PRESIDENT:  The recommendation is not carried.


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