Syria: UNRWA – Humanitarian Snapshot, August 2016 – UNRWA infographic

SUMMER LEARNING PROGRAMME: Throughout August, UNRWA delivered its Summer Learning Programme (SLP), a central component of the Agency-wide Education in Emergencies programme (EiE). The 2016 programme, which started on 29 June, is divided into catch-up classes and summer learning activities. A total of 10,499 students participated in a variety of activities and classes in arts, music, sports, French, Arabic, English, and mathematics. A further 1,835 students were enrolled in catch-up classes. Summer learning classes took place in 32 schools, while 22 schools ffered catch-up classes. In total,172 teachers, 33 supervisors and 54 Psychosocial Support sta. in Damascus, Homs, Dera’a, Aleppo, Hama and Latakia facilitated classes. Implementing the SLP is a critical intervention to ensure that children at risk of dropping out are provided with the necessary support in preparation for the next academic year.


A third cycle of cash distribution began on 21 August via 45 bank and money transfer company outlets across Syria. In total, 63,992 Palestine refugees (21,325 families) collected the monthly equivalent of US$ 37 in Syrian Pounds. In parallel with the third round, a veri.cation exercise is underway to assess the caseload of refugees in need of humanitarian assistance remaining in Syria. The UNRWA cash assistance programme represents the core of the Agency's emergency response in Syria and remains vital as economic conditions worsen across the country.


The third round of UNRWA food assistance for 2016 started on 2 July and will continue through to September. For the month of August, a total of 70,419 family food parcels were distributed to Palestine refugee families from Homs, Hama, Latakia, Damascus, Rif Damascus, Aleppo and Dera’a. Refugees from Aleppo and Neirab camp had received an extra round of food assistance between the second and third rounds of food distribution to provide them with su.cient stock when the access situation deteriorated in April-May 2016. UNRWA also provided 237 food parcels to collective shelters, as well as 22,164 canned and 8,149 kg of dried food items. UNRWA was not able to conduct any missions to Yalda in July due to security concerns. Operations to Yalda have not been possible since 25 May 2016.


The number of refugees residing in collective shelters continued to decrease in August with a total of 2,600 Palestine refugees (829 families) residing in 10 collective shelters, down from a total of 2,838 individuals last month. Subsequently, two collective shelters have closed and will be returned to their previous functions in due course. The shelters were an UNRWA school in Damascus and a non-UNRWA-managed facility in Khan Dunoun.


On average, 82,792 health consultations are performed by UNRWA medical teams each month. The Agency continues to provide health care to up to 450,000 Palestine refugees in Syria through 15 health centres and 11 health points, as well as dental services through 12 health centres and three health points. UNRWA also maintains agreements with 23 hospitals to offer subsidized secondary care to Palestine refugees in Syria.


The new academic year is due to commence in September. UNRWA provides basic education to approximately 45,000 students attending 101 schools, of which 46 are UNRWA schools and 55 are hosted in government schools.


The Agency distributed 3,393 hygiene kits at distribution points, as well as a further 880 hygiene kits, 6,728 baby and adult diapers, and 2,459 sanitary napkins to residents in collective shelters. UNRWA also continued to provide regular garbage collection, rehabilitation of sewage systems infrastructure, supply of chemicals for treatment, equipment, spare parts, and fuel to camps and host communities, in addition to the provision of safe drinking water to areas where access to water remains extremely difficult.

Date: September 2016

Sources: UNRWA

* The boundaries shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations


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