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Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People 

e Occupied Palestinian Territories Included in UNDP’s Human Development Report 2003

Jerusalem, 9 July 2003—The Occupied Palestinian Territories was included for the first time in the United Nations Development Programme’s annual Human Development Report, which was released in Dublin, Ireland Tuesday and will be launched formally Thursday at the African Union summit in Maputo, Mozambique.
Featured annually in UNDP's Human Development Report is the Human Development Index (HDI), which is a summary composite index of 175 countries that measures a country’s average achievements in three basic aspects of human development: longevity, knowledge, and a decent standard of living. Longevity is measured by life expectancy at birth; knowledge is measured by a combination of the adult literacy rate and the combined primary, secondary, and tertiary gross enrolment ratio; and standard of living by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita, based on purchasing power parity (PPP US$).
The Occupied Palestinian Territories ranked 98th in UNDP’s Human Development Index. Sufficient data in all categories for the West Bank and the Gaza Strip was not available during the preparation of previous reports.
Statistics in the new HDI table are based on data from 2001, the most recent data available from reliable international sources for all countries surveyed at the time of the production of the Report. In the case of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, the data therefore does not reflect the severe economic deterioration in the West Bank and Gaza in 2002 and 2003, as documented by UN agencies, the World Bank and other sources.
For more information on the Human Development Index, visit: http://www.undp.org/hdr2003/faq.html#27.
Key Development Indicators in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (from 2003 Human Development Report)
  • GDP per capita (PPP US$) = $2,788 
  • Life expectancy at birth is 72.1 
  • Female: 73.7 years
  • Male: 70.5 years 
  • Literacy rate is 89.2% for adults ages 15 and above 
  • Combined primary, secondary and tertiary education enrollment is 77%
  • Female: 78%
  • Male: 76%. 
  • Women occupy 11% of managerial positions, and 32% of professional and technical posts 
  • 14% of the population does not have reliable access to safe drinking water 
  • 3% of children under age five are under weight 
For further information, please contact:
In Jerusalem: Ehab Shanti, Communications Officer, Tel. +972-2-6268229 – ehab.shanti@undp.org; or Dania Darwish, Tel. +972-2-626-8200 – dania.darwish@undp.org
In Gaza: Hashim Hussaini, Assistant Communications Officer, Tel 972-8-2822167.
In New York: Nadine Shamounki, Communications Officer, Tel. +1 (212) 906-5171 – Nadine.Shamounki@undp.org; or William Orme, Media Section Chief, Tel. +1 (212) 906-5382 – William.Orme@undp.org –
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Human Development Report 2003:

Document Type: Press Release
Document Sources: UNDP Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (PAPP)
Subject: Economic issues, Social issues
Publication Date: 09/07/2003

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