OPT: Protection of civilians – OCHA Weekly report (11 July -17 July 2007)

Of note this week
Gaza Strip:
· An IDF soldier was killed and two others were injured during an IDF incursion into the area east of Al Bureij Camp. Three Palestinians were injured, two by an IAF rocket and one due to Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) fire by IDF soldiers stationed at the airport in Rafah. A total of four IDF air strikes were carried out.

· A total of 24 Qassam rockets, 25 mortar shells, and three RPGs were fired from the Gaza Strip; 12 rockets were fired towards Sderot, five rockets and three mortars towards Kerem Shalom crossing, and six mortars towards Erez crossing. Two rockets landed in the Palestinian area and two RPGs missed their target (an IDF patrol). In Sderot, one Israeli man was lightly wounded when a Qassam rocket struck his home, one rocket damaged a fence at a local Kibbutz, and one rocket started a fire in an open area.

· IDF bulldozers leveled land east of Al Bureij Camp, uprooted 20 dunums of olive trees, as well as bulldozed and damaged one house (Central Gaza). On another occasion, IDF tanks leveled land in Al Umour area east of Rafah (Rafah).

· Rafah crossing was last open on 9 June. Thousands of Palestinians travelers, including women, children and ill persons remain stranded in Egypt and unable to return to their homes in Gaza. A 29-year-old Palestinian woman, the mother of three children including a six-month-old child, died at an Egyptian hospital after having been stuck in Egypt for more than 35 days.

· Humanitarian assistance continues to enter Gaza through Kerem Shalom and Sufa. Critical medical cases with special coordination arrangements exited through Erez. Karni, which has generally been closed since 12 June, was partially open for one day this week after special coordination was made for the crossing of wheat grain.
West Bank:
· One Palestinian was killed (Tulkarm) and four were injured (Ramallah, Qalqiliya, and Hebron) in direct conflict related incidents. One Israeli woman was injured as a result of stone throwing (Ramallah). Five Palestinians were injured in a family feud (Qalqiliya).

· 16 July: Israeli settlers from the settlement of Otni'el uprooted about 100 olive trees in the vicinity of the settlement in preparation for its expansion (Hebron).

· 17 July: The IDF closed Beit Iba, ‘Anabta and Jit checkpoints (Nablus, Tulkarm and Qalqiliya, respectively) as well as the segment of Road 60 stretching from Shave Shomron checkpoint to Silat Adh Dhahr in order to prevent settlers from marching to the evacuated settlement of Khomeh. This closure caused major obstacles to the movement of Palestinians in the area.

· The Israeli High Court issued an order to the Israeli DCL in Gush Etzion to improve the humanitarian conditions at their offices (Bethlehem). The order came in response to an appeal filed by the Catholic Centre for Human Rights (a.k.a. Saint Eve).

· There were 75 search campaigns, 105 arrests, and 100 flying checkpoints.


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