Dutch Foreign Ministry to give €3 million for humanitarian relief in the Gaza Strip – Dutch Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document

Koenders to give 3 million euros to Gaza

04 Oct 2007 | The UN has appealed to the Dutch government for extra funding to relieve the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. UNRWA (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) will use the funding to buy food, fuel and medicines, to enable schools and hospitals to remain open.

Gaza's one and a half million inhabitants have suffered since the Israeli army closed border crossings after Hamas took power. The isolation of the Gaza strip has forced many businesses to close down. As a result, unemployment and dependency on foreign aid is increasing.

The Netherlands supports the agricultural and horticultural sector in Gaza by providing training and credit. The closure of the border crossing at Karni led to the destruction, this week, of the first 500,000 carnations intended for export to the flower auction at Aalsmeer. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sought contact with representatives of the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority to see whether this border crossing can be opened for the import and export of goods, insofar as the security situation permits.


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