Formation of the Palestinian National Consensus Government


Switzerland welcomes the formation of the Palestinian National Consensus Government of independent personalities, on the basis of the reconciliation agreement between the PLO and Hamas reached on 23 April 2014. Switzerland has consistently underlined that Palestinian unity is a necessary condition for a just and lasting peace and the creation of an independent, viable, contiguous and democratic Palestinian state.

It is our sincere hope that this new Palestinian government will further lay the foundation for effective reconciliation among all Palestinian factions and the Palestinian people, for the improvement of the rule of law as well as for the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Switzerland stresses the importance of free and fair elections in the upcoming months, as announced yesterday.

As stated in yesterday’s declaration by President Mahmoud Abbas, the commitment of the Palestinian National Consensus Government to abide by the provisions of international law and by all existing PLO commitments is of particular significance. Switzerland is ready to cooperate with the new Government.

We took note that the US-brokered peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians passed their original deadline of 29 April 2014 without concrete results, nor any agreement for continued talks. Switzerland has fully supported the peace process and commends the efforts and personal commitment deployed by Secretary of State John Kerry.

In light of the current situation, Switzerland calls upon all parties to continue their efforts towards maintaining stability and to refrain from any actions, provocations or violence that may undermine further negotiations and the viability of a just and lasting peace based on a negotiated two-state solution. Switzerland, reaffirming that final status talks should be based on international law and clear parameters, including those presented by the Arab Peace Initiative, calls upon the new Palestinian National Consensus Government as well as to all Palestinian factions, including Hamas, to recognize Israel’s right to exist. Switzerland also calls upon Israel to recognize the right of the Palestinian people to establish a state based on the 1967-borders.