Strengthening Information and Access to Employment for Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

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Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)





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Regional Office for Arab States


Palestinian refugees in Lebanon suffer from tight conditions, most evidently represented by the prevailing poverty. Several factors contribute to this precarious situation, with employment being the main issue. Legal restrictions imposed on Palestinian refugee employment constitute the basis of the employment issue, which in turn leads to aggravating economic and social conditions. A particular problem for Palestinians Refugees in Lebanon is that their status prohibits them from taking employment in skilled professions related to unions. These jobs require membership in professional associations, which is not given to foreigners. This difficult legal situation forces Palestinians to take whatever job is available, usually without any legal and security protection. As a result, Palestinian Refugees are facing a situation whereby they lack access to the formal labour market and consequently they are deprived of regular workers’ rights, such as social, health and retirement benefits.


The project aims to enhance employment opportunities for unemployed and underemployed Lebanese and Palestinian refugees’ workers. It focuses on:

  • Contributing to improved access for Palestine Refugees to employment opportunities in targeted areas in Lebanon.
  • Enhancing skills of Palestinian workers through labour market oriented short term vocational training courses that provide skills development opportunities specifically for vulnerable groups such as school drop-outs and youth.
  • Contributing to a better understanding of Palestinian employment issues through improved socio-economic research.

Expected results

Upon completion of the project, the following results will be achieved:

  • Better matching of the vocational and educational training supply with demand in the FCEP (VET) project.
  • Increased access to information on training opportunities in the local market and their market relevance by Palestinian refugee job seekers.
  • Improved registration and counselling services for up to 1,500 Palestinian refugee job seekers.
  • Enhanced occupational skills of up to 300 Palestinian refugees through short-term vocational training courses.
  • Better identified niches in which Palestinians can find decent work and income opportunities.
  • Improved targeting of interventions by organizations and institutions assisting and supporting Palestinians towards achieving the highest possible employment impact.
  • Enhanced capacity building of Employment Support Center staff in job brokering, vocational guidance, counselling and database operations.

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Gregor Schulz

Document symbol: LEB/09/02/CAN
Document Type: Note, Project
Document Sources: International Labour Office (ILO)
Country: Canada
Subject: Assistance, Economic issues, Refugees and displaced persons, Situation in Lebanon
Publication Date: 03/04/2012