Promoting Good Governance

May 2009 – The World Bank is proposing to carry out a study on governance issues in West Bank and Gaza (WB&G) that will shed light on the nature and extent of the problem. A number of surveys conducted in recent years have shown that public concerns about governance persist despite reforms from the Palestinian Authority (PA) aimed at improving the quality of fiscal management. Some PA officials argue that in fact, public perceptions of corruption are exaggerated compared to the actual extent of such practices. The Bank study intends to provide further analysis by addressing the following questions:

• What issues of governance in the public sector are most problematic, and in which sectors are they most prevalent?
• To what extent do perceptions match the realities on the ground? How does WB&G compare to other countries in the actual manifestations of corrupt practices?
• What are the main weaknesses in the regulatory, policy, and legal environment, which create the scope for corrupt practices upstream?
• How effective are current anti-corruption mechanisms and institutions?
• What are the priorities for governance reform in this area?

The study aims to support PA efforts to improve governance. In particular, it will contribute to two programs in the Palestinian Reform and Development Plan (PRDP) – the Efficient and Effective Government program, and the Open and Accountable Government program. The study will have three major analytical components: 1- surveys of actual experiences with corruption in WB&G; 2- case studies of governance weaknesses and; 3- assessments of the institutional and legal environment for combating corruption. The study will be published in August 2009.

Document Type: Article
Document Sources: World Bank
Subject: Governance
Publication Date: 11/05/2009