Palestinian children provide inspiration for Spanish musician – UNRWA article


Palestinian children provide inspiration for Spanish musician

8 December 2010


Earlier this year, the image of thousands of Palestine refugee children flying kites in a record-breaking effort made headlines. Now, it has provided the inspiration for a song; ‘Luces Errantes (Stray Lights)’, by Spanish musician Ismael Serrano. The proceeds from the sales will fund projects for young refugee children in Gaza.

The song, premiered yesterday in Madrid, was written and recorded with the help of a group of children from the Edward Said Conservatory of Music in Ramallah.

“The vitality of these children and my time with them is something that I will never forget,” says the Madrid-born artist. He also emphasises the need for civil societies to be aware of the humanitarian situation in Gaza, and contribute to helping “a community that really needs it”.

‘Luces Errantes’ forms part of a fundraising drive by the Spanish Committee for UNRWA, the UN agency dedicated to Palestine refugees. Entitled the Cadena de Ayuda Humanitaria (Chain of Humanitarian Aid), the project aims to raise money and support through its website,

The blockade of Gaza, in addition to recurrent Israeli military incursions, has exacerbated the poor living conditions of the 1.5 million inhabitants of the 360 km² area. Children are among the worst affected by the conflict. Under these circumstances, even flying a kite can be a symbol of hope.

To purchase the song ‘Luces Errantes (Stray Lights)’ in support of aid projects in Gaza, visit

Visit the Spanish-language campaign Cadena de Ayuda Humanitaria (Chain of Humanitarian Aid). UNRWA’s Spanish Committee started Cadena de Ayuda in response to the humanitarian situation faced by refugee children in Gaza. The fundraising campaign is based on the construction of a virtual human chain of humanitarian aid.

Cadena de Ayuda will help thousands of children in Gaza Strip improve their health, education and nutrition. In addition, this campaign helps inform Spanish society about the insecurity and lack of rights of refugee children living in the Gaza Strip.

A version of this article appeared in El País, Tuesday 30 November 2010.

UNRWA Spanish Committee
The Spanish Committee of UNRWA is the first national committee that UNRWA created. Established in 2005, its two key objectives are to inform the Spanish population about the living situation of 4.7 million Palestinian refugees and UNRWA’s humanitarian work with them over the past 60 years. Furthermore, the Committee raises both public and private funds to support UNRWA in maintaining the quality of services provided to Palestinian refugees.

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