Reconstructing Gaza – Donor Pledges

At the request of Norway, as Chair of the Ad-Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC) and the Palestinian Authority (PA), the World Bank is leading a stocktaking exercise to assess the disbursement progress of funding pledged at the “Cairo Conference on Palestine – Reconstructing Gaza”.

The Conference was organized by Egypt, Norway and the Palestinian Authority and was held in Cairo on October 12th, 2014 to raise aid for rebuilding Gaza following the July-August 2014 war. The financial support is to be provided over a period of three years (2014-2017) to strengthen the Palestinian Authority’s ability to assume its responsibility in the recovery and reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.

Total pledges announced at Cairo conference amounted to USD 5 billion to the Palestinian territories, of which USD 3.5 intended to support Gaza. The World Bank will monitor the delivery of pledges, disbursement and implementation progress. The analysis will be included in the World Bank’s economic report presented at the AHLC meeting twice a year.

Information provided on the site was consolidated with the Ministry of Finance and Planning and the National Office for Gaza Reconstruction. Information will be updated regularly based on inputs by donors.

Disbursement Ratio

Support to Gaza


As of March 31st, 2016

Figure 1: Total Pledges announced at

Cairo Conference (in million)

As of March 31st, 2016, USD 1.409 billion of the support to Gaza announced at the Cairo Conference was disbursed, which puts the disbursement ratio at 40 percent.* Out of the USD1.409 billion that has been disbursed, USD472 million was allocated to priority interventions outlined in the Gaza Detailed Needs Assessment (DNA) and Recovery Framework, which covered 12 percent of total recovery needs across five sectors impacted by the 2014 war.** An overall view of actual disbursements made so far by donors is shown in the figure below.

Figure 2: Actual Disbursements of Cairo Conference support to Gaza by category (in millions)

*This estimate may change once further data is collected from donors who have not yet provided information about disbursements and allocations of pledges.

 ** Support to Gaza figure refers to pledges made at Cairo Conference and therefore does not reflect all support spent in Gaza after 2014 war.