Brussels, 7 May 2007


Summary of remarks by

Javier SOLANA,

EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy

to the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee and

representatives of national parliaments in the field of the Common

Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and European Security and

Defence Policy (ESDP)

Brussels, 7 May 2007


Middle East

In the Middle-East we have two operations that we are running in agreement with the Palestinian and Israeli authorities.

Our EUBAM Rafah operation, that operates in a particularly complex environment, monitors the only crossing point between Gaza and the outside world. There are lots of difficulties, but we will soon restart the negotiations with the parties for extending this mission. However, we will need to do it with a different term of references. This operation should be seen as another strand of the broadening EU efforts to help the parties reach practical accommodation with one another.

Our other operation, EUPOL COPPs, continues to try and re-engage in providing support to the Palestinian Civil Police. Against the odds the Palestinian Civil Police have largely managed to maintain a degree of neutrality in internal Palestinian disputes. EUPOL COPPs will play an important part in providing the technical advice and support needed to build a professional and impartial force as the basis for the rule of law. I think we are close to internal agreement to reengage with the Palestinian Civil Police within the EU, but we now need to move from deliberations to action. I intend to confirm extension of the mission at the end of this month.


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Publication Date: 07/05/2007