Mideast situation/Status of cease-fire – UNTSO supplemental information – SecGen report

Further report on the status of the cease-fire in the Middle East

The Chief of Staff of UNTSO has submitted the following special report on developments in the Israel-Lebanon sector:

1. A complaint was received from the Lebanese authorities that on 1 January 1975 between 2100 and 2150 hours, 1/ an Israel force penetrated Lebanese territory and entered the village of Ett Taibe (AMR 1988-2977), 2/ exploded one house with dynamite and caused death to four Lebanese citizens, injury to another and material damage.

2. At the request of the Lebanese authorities the Chief of Staff of UNTSO authorized an inquiry into the complaint to be conducted by United Nations military observers.

3. The inquiry took place on 2 January between 0650 and 0820 hours. A representative of the Senior Lebanese Delegation to the Israel-Lebanon Mixed Armistice Commission accompanied the inquiry team. The United Nations military observers interviewed witnesses in the area and examined the evidence presented to them. The witnesses stated that an Israel force of approximately 50 to 75 soldiers entered the village on 1 January between 2020 and 2035 hours, killed four male Lebanese and exploded one house and one car with dynamite. The military observers saw four dead men, two with small-arms wounds and two with shrapnel wounds (the dead were identified by local police authorities to be three citizens of Ett Taibe and one citizen of the Mount Lebanon region, south-east of Beirut).  They also saw one house and one car which had recently been destroyed by explosives. Based on the results of the inquiry the complaint is confirmed in so far as the death of four men, the destruction of one house and other material damage are concerned.


1/ All times GMT.

2/ AMR – approximate map reference.


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