Human rights situations that require the Council’s attention – HRC 24th session – NGO statement (Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture)

Written statement* submitted by the Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture, a non-governmental organization in special consultative status

The Secretary-General has received the following written statement which is circulated in accordance with Economic and Social Council resolution 1996/31.

[16 September 2013]


*This written statement is issued, unedited, in the language(s) received from the submitting non-governmental organization(s).

Stop torture in Israeli jails

Torture and other cruel, inhuman, cruel or degrading still common in many countries, especially in Israel, where torture systematic in Israeli prisons and abduction of contravention of all international laws and with silence of the world.

Holding the State of Israeli occupation in the prisons of the 22 nearly 4,900 Palestinian prisoners and from the Arab world, including 250 administrative detainees and 240 children under the age of ten and 35 children under the age of 16 years, and 14 captive and 74 prisoners are over twenty years in detention and 28 prisoners sentenced to life sentence. 204 prisoners died under torture, of whom 74 were killed as a result of murder after the arrest directly and 52 as a result medical negligence and 71 during the investigation was most recently captured Arafat Jaradat, who was martyred under Alaveb on 23 February 2013 after a week of his arrest, and captive martyr Misrabo Hamdiya who died as a result medical negligence on April 2 the past and there are hundreds of prisoners were killed after their release as a result of disease, torture, such as Ashraf Abu Zarie and Zuhair pad and Hale Abu Zeid from the occupied Syrian Golan.

There are 900 prisoners in Israeli jails suffering from various diseases, 25 have cancer, 25 suffering from disabilities such as prisoner Mansour fireplace hemiplegia, captive Mohammed need to implant crown two visions, the child prisoner Nasser Abu Bala suffers from kidney weakness.

The detainees suffer from the harshest penalties which solitary confinement where it sits 5 prisoners in the Negev prison – such as Samer Abu Kwik 3 life sentences and 20 years and Tamer Rimawi 3 life sentences. Not to mention the mock trials and administrative detention, and the presence of 15 deputies in the jails remind them Marwan Barghouti and Ahmed Saadat Hassan Yousef and others.

Children are tortured Balky cigarette butts and sometimes imprisoned in bathrooms let them sleep and psychological torture by being forced to strip naked and threatened to bring mom or sister.

There is also some secret prisons languish in which nearly 140 prisoners of various Arab nationalities Israel refuses to recognize them or allow the International Committee of the Red Cross to visit them.

This is the short tale of torture, pain and humiliation of human dignity for 4900 Palestinian prisoners and Arabs in Israeli jails. Despite the hunger strikes and uprisings prisons and sit-ins families and despite dangerous diseases prevalent in prisons and the death of some prisoners, the international community of governments, United Nations and humanitarian organizations do not act effectively to stop torture in Israeli prisons and to exert pressure on Israel to release prisoners. We express our disappointment in the failure of the international community and Israel bias as if human rights and a human rights convention against Torture do not include the Palestinian people and the thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

We cry high: stop torture in Israeli prisons and demanding as prisoners of war and to invite the Special Reporter on torture to visit the Israeli jails and the establishment of an international investigation committee to investigate prison conditions deplorable and visiting medical delegation global offer treatment for hundreds of patients captives threatened with death.

Stop torture in Israeli prisons, freedom for all detainees and prisoners in all the world.



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