Observer’s right of participating in GA general debate – Letter from Belgium, EC


Letter dated 18 October 1977 from the Permanent Representative of

Belgium to the United Nations addressed to the President of the

General Assembly

At the twenty-ninth plenary meeting of the General Assembly I was unable to make a clarification, on behalf of the member States of the European Communities  with regard to the request of an observer to reply to remarks made during the general debate.

The nine countries of the European Communities wish to state that their failure to comment on the decision made by you at the said meeting is not to be interpreted as a change in their position. They are still opposed to having an observer granted the same rights as those enjoyed by Member States of the Organization alone by virtue of the provisions of the United Nations Charter itself.

I should be grateful if you would have this letter distributed as a General Assembly document under agenda item 9.

(Signed) Andre ERNEMANN

Permanent Representative of Belgium,

current President of the Council of

the European Communities


Document symbol: A/32/280
Document Type: Letter
Document Sources: European Community, General Assembly
Country: Belgium
Subject: PLO/Palestine
Publication Date: 22/04/2005
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