In my capacity as Chairman of the Arab Group for the month of October 1987 and on behalf of the States members of that Group, I have the honour to inform you of the following:

The members of the Arab Group at the United Nations, having taken cognizance of Bill No. 940 of the United States Senate amending the Law concerning the powers of accreditation of Ministries of Foreign Affairs, wish to state the following:

1.   The Bill constitutes a hostile act against the Palestinian people, which has designated the Palestine Liberation Organization as its sole legitimate representative, and is contrary to the inalienable rights of that people.

2.   The Bill also runs counter to the process of establishing a just and lasting peace in the Middle East at a time when many parties, including the United Nations and its Secretary-General, are working towards the convening of ah international peace conference on the Middle East.

3.   The Bill violates the right to freedom of expression enjoyed by the Arab parties and by Arab-Americans, and infringes the rights of all-Arab residents.

4.   If adopted, the Bill will have effects which will be in flagrant contradiction with the Headquarters Agreement and, by that token, with the rules of international law and the rights of the United Nations, of States Members and generally of members having observer status.

5.   The Arab Group will on no account agree to the violation of the status of the United Nations, of States Members including members enjoying observer status, or, as in this particular case, of the Palestine Liberation Organization. To that end, the Arab Group will take all necessary steps within the framework of the United Nations system, and appeals to all States to do likewise in the name of lawfulness and international law. It furthermore requests, the Committee on Relations with the Host Country, in particular, to take the necessary steps.

6.   In view of the foregoing, the Arab Group requests the Secretary-General to approach the parties concerned in order to clarify the position of the United Nations with a view to ensuring observance of the Headquarters Agreement and of the Organization's rights and to avoid the unfortunate consequences which might result from such a situation.

I should be grateful if you would distribute the text of this letter as a document of the General Assembly under agenda item 136, and of the Security Council.

(Signed) Ali TREIKI
Permanent Representative of the Socialist People's
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Chairman of the Arab Group

87-25362 23170 (E)

Document symbol: A/42/664|S/19216
Document Type: Letter
Document Sources: General Assembly, Security Council
Country: Libya
Subject: Agenda Item, PLO/Palestine
Publication Date: 12/10/1987