Israeli settlements – LAS resolution – Letter from Mauritania

Forty sixth session
Agenda item 33


Letter dated 21 February 1992 from the Permanent Representative
of Mauritania to the United Nations addressed to the
I have the honour to transmit to you herewith the text of resolution 5159 concerning Israeli settlement activity in the occupied Arab territories, adopted by the Council of the League of Arab States meeting in extraordinary session on 20 February 1992. In my capacity as Chairman of the Arab Group for February 1992, I should be grateful if you would arrange for the text of the resolution to be circulated as a document of the General Assembly under agenda item 33.
(Signed)   Mohamedou OULD MOHAMED MAHMOUD
Permanent Representative


Resolution 5159 of the Council of the League of Arab
States, adopted on 20 February 1992


The Council of the League of Arab States,

Having considered note No. 17/1-46 of 16 February 1992 from the State of Palestine (Embassy of Palestine, Cairo), concerning Israeli settlement plans, and the note by the Department of Palestine Affairs of the General Secretariat on the same matter,

Recalling the resolutions of the Council of the League on the subject and the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, in particular its resolution 465 (1980),

1. To urge the international community, and particularly the States permanent members of the Security Council, to give effect to the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations with a view to the implementation of the United Nations resolutions calling for an immediate halt to settlement activities and to emigration to the occupied Palestinian and Arab territories, for the speedy dismantlement of the Israeli settlements established in the occupied Palestinian and Arab territories by rescission of the measures already taken, and for a halt to the planning of new settlements in the Arab territories, including Jerusalem, in implementation of Security Council resolution 465 (1980);

2. To warn of the dire consequences of usurping occupied Palestinian and Arab land, clearing it of its owners and the installation of Jewish immigrants, with the defiance of the will of the international community that that implies;

3. To call attention to the dangerous character of the settlement measures taken in Jerusalem and to the alteration of its Islamic and Arab characteristics in flagrant violation of the resolutions of the Security Council, particularly its resolutions 252 (1968) and 672 (1990);

4. To condemn Israel for its non-compliance with the resolutions of the Security Council by its persistence in implementing its settlement plans in the occupied Palestinian and Arab territories, which represents a blatant assault on the rights and lands of the Palestinian Arab people and a violation on its part of international covenants and resolutions;

5. To urge the United States of America not to accede to Israeli pressures aimed at obtaining loan guarantees that will assist in the establishment of Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian and Arab territories; and to call upon American and international public opinion to show greater understanding of the Arab position as one that is eager for the continuation of the peace process and the ongoing negotiations and for the avoidance of anything that may prevent the success of those negotiations;

6. To make sustained efforts with those countries experiencing waves of Jewish emigration in order to explain the extremely grave consequences of such migration for the rights of the Palestinian people and the part that it plays in the escalation of tension and violence in the Middle East region;

7. To call upon all States not to provide material support that may encourage that settler colonialism which impedes the implementation of United Nations resolutions;

8. To launch an Arab information campaign directed at Western public opinion in general and American public opinion in particular in order to explain the dangers posed by settlement activities to peace in the region and to international peace and security;

9. To request the Secretary-General to follow up the implementation of this resolution and to submit a report on the matter to the Council.
Resolution ES-5159, 20 February 1992

Document symbol: A/46/883
Document Type: Decision, Letter
Document Sources: General Assembly, League of Arab States (LAS)
Country: Mauritania
Subject: Agenda Item, Settlements
Publication Date: 21/02/1992

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