Promotion of multilateralism in the area of disarmament and non-proliferation



    Report of the Secretary-General


*   A/59/50 and Corr.1.

I.  Introduction 



1.   In paragraph 8 of its resolution 58/44 of 8 December 2003, the General Assembly requested the Secretary-General to seek the views of Member States on the issue of the promotion of multilateralism in the area of disarmament and non-proliferation and to submit a report containing that information to the Assembly at its fifty-ninth session.

2.   Pursuant to that request, on 8 March 2004 a note verbale was sent to Member States inviting them to provide information on the subject. The replies received are reproduced in section II below. Additional replies received will be issued as addenda to the present report.


II.   Replies received from Governments





[Original: Arabic]

[14 May 2004]


Lebanon is aware of the need for progress in arms regulation and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction on the basis of non-discriminatory and transparent negotiations, in view of the threat that these weapons pose to global stability. Lebanon rejects recourse to unilateral actions to solve security problems, affirms the principle of multilateralism as the basis for promoting negotiations with regard to arms regulation and disarmament, and urges the international community to hold relevant States accountable in case of non-compliance and to compel Israel, which possesses and is developing weapons of mass destruction, to cooperate in disarmament in order to safeguard peace and security in the region and confront the dangers that threaten it. It should be noted that Lebanon does not possess, produce or manufacture nuclear weapons, and is in favour of agreements mandating non-proliferation and non-production of nuclear weapons.


Document symbol: A/59/128
Document Type: Report, Secretary-General Report
Document Sources: General Assembly
Country: Lebanon
Subject: Arms control and regional security issues
Publication Date: 06/07/2004