Human rights situation in the Palestinian territories – Sp. Rapporteur report (Falk) – SecGen note/Corr.


   Situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967



   Note by the Secretary-General





   Paragraph 33


The ninth sentence should read 

These case studies aim to determine whether the Dexia Group and Re/Max International, through providing loans and through advertising and selling properties in settlements, provide knowing assistance that amounts to aiding in the commission of international crime associated with transferring the citizens of the Occupying Power to the occupied territory. 


   Paragraph 34 


The last sentence should read 

The Special Rapporteur previously reported on the activities of Dexia Israel Bank Limited (Dexia Israel), of which the Dexia Group is the majority shareholder, such as providing loans to settlements on the West Bank. 


   Paragraph 37 


The last sentence should be deleted. 


   Paragraph 38 


The first sentence should read 

Can the Dexia Group be held accountable for loans granted by Dexia Israel to Israeli settlements?


   Paragraph 40 


The paragraph should read 

Moreover, in keeping with common article 1 of the Geneva Conventions, Belgium and France, as States parties to the Convention, are obligated to respect and ensure respect for the Conventions. At present, they are majority shareholders in a company that provides loans to settlements in occupied Palestine and, in this connection, are violating their obligation to ensure respect for the Conventions. 


   Paragraph 43 


The sixth sentence should read 

If Dexia Israel is providing loans to the regional council, or facilitating grants allocated by Mifal HaPais, these types of assistance directly contribute to the settlement’s growth, and therefore materially facilitate the transfer of Israeli citizens to occupied territory. 


   Paragraph 44 


The fifth sentence should read 

In this case, Belgium and France could be responsible for reparations to Palestinians adversely affected by settlements that received loans from Dexia Israel. 


   Paragraph 47 


The second sentence should be deleted. 


   Paragraph 71 


The paragraph should read 

The Special Rapporteur recommends that Belgium and France compensate Palestinians who have been directly affected by the settlements to which Dexia Israel has provided loans or administered grants. 




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