Assistance to the Palestinian people – UNDP – Administrator’s report (excerpts)

Annual report of the Administrator for 2001, including the

results-oriented annual report (ROAR)* 


* The collection and analysis of current data required to present the Executive Board with the most up-to-date information has delayed submission of the present document.

Part one

1. The annual report for 2001 responds to the request by the Executive Board for a new, consolidated document that provides information on the reform and development results of the organization during the year. The report is comprised of three distinct parts: part one outlines key reform initiatives achieved during the course of 2001; parts two and three present important development results achieved by the organization. Part two specifically addresses each of the key goals identified in the strategic results framework while part three delivers a more in-depth analysis of the three sub-goals selected by the Executive Board.


V. Funds and programmes


Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People

46. Building on the results of previous years, the Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (PAPP) continued to be an important development partner of the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian people in 2001. PAPP continued to provide technical support in areas such as governance, environment and poverty alleviation and developed emergency employment programmes, which created jobs and enabled the rehabilitation of damaged infrastructure. The national UNV modality also allowed PAPP to provide employment opportunities for many young graduates from universities.

47. PAPP delivered a record $40 million of development and emergency assistance to the Palestinian people in 2001. New partnerships have been forged with financial contributions received from Germany, Luxembourg and the Islamic Development Bank. The traditional major donors of PAPP, in particular Italy, Japan, Sweden and the United States Agency for International Development, also kept up their commitment to PAPP by providing funding for long-term development activities.


VI. Resources


Abbreviations: ENRP = Electricity Network Rehabilitation Programme; SIDA = Swedish International Development Cooperation; PAPP = Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People; UNFIP = United Nations Fund for International Partnerships; ICT = information and communication technology.




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