Negeb situation – SecCo decision

At its 367th meeting, on 19 October 1948, the Council adopted the following text:1/

"The present situation in the Negeb is complicated by the fluid nature of military dispositions making the demarcation of truce lines difficult, the problem of the convoys to the Jewish settlements, as well as the problems of the dislocation of large numbers of Arabs and their inability to harvest their crops.  In the circumstances, the indispensable condition to a restoration of the situation is an immediate and effective cease-fire.  After the cease-fire, the following conditions might well be considered as the basis for further negotiations looking toward insurance that similar outbreaks will not again occur and that the truce will be fully observed in this area:

"(a)  Withdrawal of both parties from any positions not occupied at the time of the outbreak;

"(b)  Acceptance by both parties of the conditions set forth in the Central Truce Supervision Board decision No. 12 affecting convoys;

"(c)  Agreement by both parties to undertake negotiations through United Nations intermediaries or directly as regards outstanding problems in the Negeb and the permanent stationing of United Nations observers throughout the area."2/


1/ This text was an amended version of paragraph 18 of the report of the Acting United Nations Mediator dated 18 October 1948 (Official Records of the Security Council, Third Year, Supplement for October 1948, document S/1042).
2/ The text was voted on in parts.

Document symbol: S/PV.367|S/INF/2/Rev. 1 (III)
Document Type: Decision
Document Sources: Security Council
Subject: Armed conflict, Incidents
Publication Date: 19/10/1948

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