The SAMOA Pathway

The SAMOA Pathway

The SAMOA Pathway expanded the mandate of UN-OHRLLS to include small island developing states (SIDS). Sea-level rise and other adverse impacts of climate change continue to pose a significant risk to SIDS and their efforts to achieve sustainable development. For many, climate change also represents the gravest threat to their survival and viability. 

The SAMOA Pathway aims to address the unique challenges faced by SIDS and to support their development via the following objectives:

  • Support the coordinated follow-up of the Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of SIDS.
  • Undertake advocacy work in favour of the small island developing States in partnership with the relevant parts of the United Nations as well as with the civil society, media, academia and foundations.
  • Assist in mobilizing international support and resources for the implementation of the Programme of Action.
  • Provide support to group consultations of SIDS.
  • Ensure the mainstreaming of the SAMOA Pathway and SIDS-related issues in the work of the UN system and to enhance the coherence of SIDS issues in UN processes.


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