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26 September 2019



UN News



Island Nations on Climate Crisis Frontline ‘Not Sitting Idly By’
16 September 2019



Inter Press Service



Multidisciplinarity of Data: Time to Put Data at the Heart of UN’s 2030 Agenda
7 January 2019



UN Chronicle



Closing the Technology Gap in Least Developed Countries
29 March 2018



Devex, Global Views



Opinion: After Graduation, Ensuring a Smooth Transition for Least Developed Countries
12 December 2017






Trade and my Breakfast 
16 November 2017



IPS News



Climate Change: The World’s Poorest Will Judge Us by Action
2 December 2015



The Guardian



Those Who Contributed Least to Climate Change Are Now Fighting For Survival
2 November 2014



The Guardian



We Must Recognise the Special Needs of Landlocked Developing Countries
Summer 2014



The Commonwealth Ministers Reference Book 2014



Fostering Private Sector in Small Island Developing States 
November 2014



Global Development Goals 2014 - UNA-UK



Partnerships for Progress, 'Overcoming the Barriers of Marginalisation'
September 2013



UNA-UK Magazine



Location Matters 
6 June 2013 



UN Chronicle



The MDGs and the Least Developed Countries: The Challenges for Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States
5 April 2013



The Guardian



International Support Key to MDG Progress, Says Top UN Official
16 August 2012



UNA-UK Magazine 



Least Developed Countries hold the Key to Global Recovery
7 June 2012



UN Chronicle Special Issue



Vulnerable Countries Should Take Centre Stage at Rio+20
30 March 2011



The Guardian 



Least Developed Countries' Pose the Next Big Globalisation Challenge
4 November 2010



Making it Magazine Issue 4



Strengthening Productive Capacity
30 August 2006



The Asahi Shimbun



Japan Leads the Way in Helping World's Poorest
March-April 2006



Non-Violence Actualite No. 285



Faire de la paix et de la non-violence un mode de vie



Journal of the Group of 77 [40th Anniversary Issue]



Championing the Cause the Vulnerables









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