Jane Goodall is a pioneer in the study of chimpanzees. The Jane Goodall Institute is widely recognized for creating innovative conservation and development programmes in Africa, where she began her landmark studies in 1960. Her global Roots & Shoots programme supports tens of thousands of young people in nearly 100 countries with projects that help people, animals and the environment. As a Messenger of Peace since 2002, she continues to help the United Nations focus attention on environmental issues.

Focus Area: Conservation

Scientific evidence shows that ecosystems are under unprecedented pressure, threatening prospects for sustainable development. The Earth''s biological resources are vital to humanity''s economic and social development. Yet, the effect of human activities - magnified in recent years by population growth and global climate change - has greatly reduced biodiversity in ecosystems around the world.
The entire United Nations system is engaged in environmental protection in diverse ways. Addressing climate change, protecting the atmosphere, improving the sustainable use of energy, combating deforestation, soil loss and desertification, preventing air and water pollution, halting the depletion of fish stocks and promoting the safe management of toxic wastes are some of the many environmental issues the UN is dealing with.