Beat the Pandemic: UN Global Health Challenge 2020

With COVID-19 forcing people indoors, it is easy to fall into a sedentary lifestyle. Over time, this can be dangerous to your health.

As we practice social distancing, we must further protect ourselves by boosting our immune systems and enhancing our overall fitness through physical activity.

We invite you to join the Beat the Pandemic: UN Global Health Challenge 2020 and commit to physical well-being during the pandemic!

How to sign up

Click here for instructions on how to sign up for the UN Global Health Challenge 2020 from your computer or mobile device. Make sure to register with your UN email address.

Join a country team

Complete 6,000 steps a day from 1 May – 29 July 2020

The target is lower than the WHO recommended 10,000 steps per day to accommodate reduced mobility due to shelter-in-place restrictions. Regardless, we want you to KEEP MOVING!

It’s more than walking

If you are still able to exercise outdoors while adhering to social distancing guidelines, count yourself lucky. But, since this option is not available for many, the app provides alternative ways to increase your physical activity and number of steps even while remaining indoors.

The app offers exercises and workout routines that can be easily completed in small spaces.

Whatever you can do to move your body – even household chores – can be added to your daily step count using the Movespring activity converter!

It benefits your mental health

Just because we’re physically separate doesn’t mean that we can’t connect. Talk and share your pictures, walking tips, and stories with other participants in the app’s chat feature.

It’s fun…ask last year’s UN Global Health Challenge participants(on iSeek)!

With a touch of discipline and the help of the app to track your progress, you can initiate new, productive habits that will help you endure the challenges of this pandemic, and emerge with a healthier lifestyle once it ends!

Tell Us About Your Physical Activity Level!

Finally, DHMOSH is also interested to know how physically active UN staff are in general and how you have managed to maintain your physical activity levels during this time of a global COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re interested, please tell us through this survey here!