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#YOUTH4CLIMATE: A moment & a movement

For the first time in the history of UN climate negotiations, the ideas and voices of young people were at the forefront of a Pre-COP summit. The event saw the adoption of the Youth4Climate Manifesto just before world leaders arrived in Glasgow for COP26.

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UN Climate Change Conference of Youth

In 2021, Conference of Youth (COY) was in its 16th year and is dubbed as the largest and longest running youth climate event to date; gathering thousands of young changemakers from more than 140 countries. Learn more about the event and read the Global Youth Statement here.

Moroccan youth’s commitment to climate action

From environment conservation to clean energy production and to youth mobilization, young Moroccan activists and entrepreneurs show their commitment to tackling the climate crisis through their actions.

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Deputy Secretary-General's Virtual Youth Dialogue on Climate

Youth leaders met with the UN Deputy Chief to push for action on climate finance and adaptation. Tune in to see what they had to say about accelerating solutions to the greatest challenge facing our world today.

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Loving nature as we love ourselves

Climate activist and youth advisor to the UN Secretary-General Archana Soreng takes inspiration from her grandfathe and her father in her call for upholding the rights of indigenous peoples, and restoring the world’s relationship with nature. Read her remarks to the US Leadership Summit on Climate.

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Sport for Sustainability and Climate Action

At the “SDG Zone at Tokyo”, leaders of climate action and sustainability from different specialties - sport, space, and indigenous communities – share the urgency to tackle the climate emergency.

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Photo of Vladislav Kaim

Perspective: Make a deal on debt and for green jobs

Absent an urgent, coordinated international intervention on heavy debt burdens, many countries may “default” on national climate action plans. Youth Advisory Group member Vlad Kaim argues that debt swaps can unleash resources for climate as well as green jobs for young people.

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Young people band together to save the planet.

Young people saving the planet

Hundreds of young people from around the world gathered at the Virtual Youth Forum to explore the most pressing environmental issues facing the planet, including climate change and pollution.

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portrait of Paloma Costa

“I just want to do things without thinking the world is ending”

Meet Paloma Costa. This Brazilian climate activist, lawyer, and member of the UN Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change is gently shaking the world with her passion for climate justice.

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Young people are the solution

That was the message youth activist Nisreen Elsaim delivered to a recent high-level session of the UN Security Council on climate change. Describing how climate vulnerability feeds conflict, she welcomed a new political mission in her country, Sudan, that prioritizes climate change and youth participation.

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Secretary-General António Guterres attends a virtual meeting from his office with the Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change.

To the Secretary-General: youth press for climate priorities

The seven members of the global Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change met with Secretary-General António Guterres for a spirited discussion on climate action priorities for 2021.

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Forests, Food and Farming: how to beat the climate crisis

Imagine a world where food production makes us healthier without making the climate crisis worse. Paloma Costa, a member of the UN Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Group, argues we can achieve this if we make the right choices and follow the Paris Climate Agreement.

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