Voices of Change

Speak up and act now! 

Climate activists around the world are relentlessly pursuing global solidarity and transformational change with a clear and urgent message: act now to protect people and save our planet from the worst impacts of the climate crisis. As a tribute to those who persist, the Voices of Change series looks at the determination and drive of young people mobilizing for climate justice. It brings into perspective the severity of the vast and varying impacts of the climate crisis, while highlighting the growing movement to protect our future.

In 2022, as the world heads toward the next UN Climate Change Conference, which will take place in November in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt - the fourth African country to host the annual event since 1995 - the ten-part series explores the vision and values of climate activists and their courage to persevere, against all odds, and make invaluable contributions to the global climate movement.

Photocomposition: the photo of Archana Soreng, in black and white.

Archana Soreng: Our voice matters

Climate activist Archana Soreng belongs to the Kharia tribe in Odisha, India. Indigenous communities like hers make up only 5 percent of the world’s population. But they protect more than 20 percent of our planet’s land and 80 percent of its biodiversity. Archana explains why we need to preserve the rights and recognize the critical role indigenous communities play in protecting our planet and its natural resources.

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Photocomposition: the photo of Elizabeth Wathuti, in black and white, holding a small tree in her hands.

Ashley Lashley: The health of our people and our environment are all interconnected

Climate activist Ashley Lashley leads a movement called the HEY (Health and Environment-friendly Youth) Campaign - where she works with young people across the Caribbean to help to foster sustainable lifestyles and understand the impacts of climate change on our health - and the health of our planet.

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Photocomposition: the photo of Elizabeth Wathuti, in black and white, holding a small tree in her hands.

Elizabeth Wathuti: We can change so much in the world

Elizabeth Wathuti, a Green Climate Fund Youth Champion, and the founder of the Green Generation Initiative, calls for solidarity and compassion in our efforts to address the world’s growing climate and ecological crises.

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Photocomposition: the photo of Vanessa Nakate, in black and white, in front of a red background. The African continent map is highlighted in her right side.

Vanessa Nakate: Climate change is about the people

Vanessa Nakate, a Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals, started her journey as a climate activist in 2018. The climate crisis has been one of the greatest threats affecting the lives of many Ugandans - and she became increasingly aware and concerned about communities particularly vulnerable to the crippling impacts of a warming planet.

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