New Virtual Magazine: The Art of Climate Action

Effective strategies to learn about and engage with climate change play an important role in addressing this challenge. There is growing recognition that education needs to change in order to address climate change, yet the question remains: “How?” How does one engage young people with a topic that is often perceived as abstract, distant, and complex? 

The United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) has created a new virtual magazine to promote this dialogue, which features a wide range of artwork by professional and amateur artists, including paintings, illustrations, street art, poetry, and films. 

Top Row, Left to Right: Nagasaka Mago, Noelia Ledema Rameau, Peddina Sripriya, Sonny, Kimberly Callas, and Shravani Kedar. Middle Row, Left to Right: Boyu Guo, Boyu Guo, Nina Tanya Kimani, Nahla Ammar, ASVP, and Rod Sánchez. Botto

SDG of the month

SDG of the month

August 2021: Affordable and Clean Energy

Over the last decade, access to electricity has expanded, use of renewable energy in the electricity sector has increased, and energy efficiency has improved. Still, millions of people are without electricity, and one third of the global population uses dangerous and inefficient cooking systems. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is reversing the progress made so far, and is causing millions of people to lose access to electricity. On the positive side, stimulus plans designed to boost economic growth, protect workers and create jobs could scale up the deployment of clean energy technologies.